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Murphy Sam and Jodi

Mornings can be hectic! Get your morning started off right with Murphy, Sam, and Jodi! These three zany characters will get you in a good mood with chit chat from the red-headed, hard working momma Jodi, her always in a good mood husband Murphy, and the sly and funny comments from slightly too cynical Sam. Sam really isn't that cynical, and it's really had to see any of these from the 2 to 6 minute windows they present from behind the booth.

Mitzi Miles

Mitzi Miles has spent years in broadcasting – entertaining her radio audiences with her deep knowledge of music and artists, and delighting with her witty, upbeat style. We’re excited to have her as our own midday host, Monday through Friday on Sunny 104.5 FM!

Tracy Kinkead

Tracy’s easy going style will help ease you into a relaxed evening through the end of your work day and your drive home, from his random facts to his study reports. He always keeps his balance with his great music on today’s best varietySunny 104.5!

Intelligence For Your Life with John Tesh

Everyone wants a better life right? Multi-talented John Tesh presents his national radio show intelligence for your life. With so much information on the radio, internet, and TV, John Tesh is there the sift through and deliver the quick and easy to remember information that will give you better life. 

Retro Pop Reunion with Joe Cortez

35-year on-air veteran, Joe Cortez, breathes new life into the ’80s and ’90s with his knowledge and passion for music! He brings his listeners on a 4-hour weekly musical trip to the “Music Video Era” with the biggest hits from U2, Madonna, Prince, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, Sting, and more!

Retrostars with Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart helps you relive the days when the only thing higher than the Pac-Man scores were the hair styles. Hear all the spandex, hair sprayed, parachute-pantsed moments behind the biggest hits of the 80's.

The Beacon

The Beacon's mission is to improve the character of our world by opening the hearts of listeners with radio that is encouraging, entertaining, and inspiring. The Beacon is a program that your family can share together. Let The Beacon shine on your life!

Intelligence For Your Health with Connie Sellecca

Golden Globe nominated actress and businesswoman Connie Sellecca is the host of Intelligence for Your Health Radio Show. It is executive-produced by Betsy Chase & Scott Meyers and has access to the enormous resources of the IFYL research team. Learn more about your health on Today’s Best Variety Sunny 104.5

Your Weekend with Jim Brickman

Jim and his producer Irma Blanco keep you engaged by covering a range of topics: entertainment, lifestyle, food, and more! And rather than “reporting” on what experts say, Jim and Irma go straight to the source. Weekly guests include experts from the Food Network, HGTV, USA Today, and more.

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